Blip BrightHR

Employee’s guide: Get to grips with Blip’s new and improved app

You’ve downloaded the app, now it’s time to start using it. Follow our step-by-step guide to familiarise yourself with Blip’s exciting new features.

Step 1

Clock in using your location

There are three ways to clock in and out with Blip. You can either use your location, a QR code or a flexible clock in. But don’t worry, your manager will tell you which one they’d like you to use.

With geolocation, your manager sets up a virtual boundary around your workplace (known as a geofence) and Blip picks up your location and sends you a prompt to ‘Clock in’. Just tap this button to log your start time and enter any notes you need your manager to see in the handy notes box.

At the end of your shift, tap the ‘Clock out’ button while you’re still in the geofence. Don’t worry if you forget to clock out and leave the geolocation, as Blip will send you an automatic reminder.

Blip Login Screen
Step 2

Clock in with QR codes

Alternatively, your manager might ask you to use a QR code—a type of barcode—to clock in and out of your workplace. To clock in, tap the ‘Scan’ tab at the top of your screen.

Then point your phone’s camera at the QR code. Once the app scans the code, Blip registers you as clocked in and you can add any notes needed to your shift. To clock out, repeat these steps.

Blip Clock In Screen
Step 3

Flexible clocking

Lastly is our flexible clock in feature, if your manager has enabled flexible clocking for you then you can clock in from anywhere.

All you need to do is tap the Flexible Clock in button, enter a name for your location and hit the clock in button. You can then add in any notes you need your manager to see about the shift. To clock out, just repeat these steps.

Blip Login Screen
Step 4

Log your breaks

To start your break, tap the ‘Start break’ button at the bottom of your screen and select ‘End break’ once your downtime is over. It’s that easy.

Blip Login Screen
Step 5

Set reminders

You can set a reminder to clock out using Blip. Just head to your home screen and tap on the menu in the top left, then select ‘Settings’.

From here, you can set a reminder to clock out at a specific time or allow smart reminders. Smart reminders will look at your working pattern or rota on BrightHR and automatically send you a clock out reminder when your shift is due to finish.

You can also set a reminder to end your break in ‘Settings’. Just tap the button next to ‘Breaks’ and select the time you’d like to receive an end of break reminder.

Whenever you clock in or start a break, Blip will offer suggested times to clock out or end your break. You can easily change these by tapping the suggested time and picking a new one.

Blip Login Screen
Step 4

View your clocking history

To see a full history of your working hours, head to the main menu in the left-hand corner and select ‘History’.

Scroll down to find records of each shift or use the calendar icon in the top right-hand corner to filter by a date range. Tap each record to see full details of that shift.

Blip Login Screen
Step 7

Give us your feedback

We want to hear what you think about Blip so we can make it even better for you.

To leave your feedback, head to the main menu and tap the ‘Give feedback’ tab. Fill out as much as you can and then fire it over to us.